Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke


Hi — I'm a software engineer, turned product manager with a passion for beautiful UI and awesome UX. I'm currently building a new SaaS solution at SquaredUp.

About Me

Having spent seven years working on the development of the SquaredUp products, I now work as a Senior Product Manager building the next-generation of SquaredUp, a SaaS-based observability portal - delivering simply awesome dashboards for total visibility. Find out more at squaredup.com.

Having joined SquaredUp early on, my role has spanned multiple areas of the business including engineering, marketing, customer support and now product management. I have a particular focus on UX & UI and a strong belief in user-centered design.

I have strong experience across the whole stack of product development, and enjoy working closely with the development team:

  • Full stack development (JS, React, Tailwind, C#, Serverless, Azure, AWS)
  • Strong UI/UX focus
  • Wireframing, mockups, prototyping (Figma)
  • User research, prioritization, roadmap planning, communication

Field Notes...

Occasional notes of things I might forget, or thought would be worth sharing.

🐞Debugging requests to DynamoDB🌻Monitoring my plants with Home Assistant