Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke

Hi — I'm a software engineer with a passion for beautiful UI and awesome UX. I'm currently leading the development of a new SaaS offering at SquaredUp.

About Me

Working in my role as Lead Engineer at SquaredUp, my primary focus is leading feature development on a new SaaS offering with a Serverless architecture and a React frontend - all atop a graph database (Cosmos DB/Gremlin). I have a particular focus on UX & UI and a strong belief in user-centred design 👥.

Having joined SquaredUp early on, my role has spanned multiple areas of the business including both engineering (C#/.NET, JS/React ⚙️) and design (web, UX & UI...🎨).

Field Notes...

Occasional notes of things I might forget, or thought would be worth sharing.

Debugging requests to DynamoDB
Monitoring my plants with Home Assistant